Vehicle Wraps – Rolling Advertisements

Businesses from florists to dog trainers to roofers are leveraging their car or truck as a billboard and reaching a wider audience with more reach and at a lower cost than other advertising methods. Whether you’re running your own company, working for a large corporation, or even if you have a very limited budget to work with, vehicle wraps are one of the best options available for you to grow recognition for your brand.

Wraps are not only cost-effective but they also look great and will help to protect the paint of your car or truck. The design of a vehicle wrap is created using software and offers many different color options, including matte or glossy finishes as well as chrome and metallic colors. Graphics and other designs can also be added, making your wrap unique.

Unlike radio or print ads that interrupt you while you are working or driving, your custom car wrap will attract attention without distracting or annoying potential customers. This type of marketing is especially effective for those that service an area, but do not have a physical storefront or a place where people can come in to visit.

Your car or truck will be a moving billboard in the eyes of thousands of potential customers every day that you are in the area. Depending on your drive time and where you park, your business can get as much exposure as a traditional billboard, but for a fraction of the price!

Wraps are also very durable, so long as they are taken care of. A good quality wrap can last up to five years or more with proper care and maintenance. Wraps can also be easily removed or changed when you decide to alter your image or change locations.

A professional wrap will require a bit more time and effort than applying a decal or tinting your windows, but the results are worth it. The professional application process includes cleaning and prepping the surface of your vehicle, removing any existing decals or badges as well as contaminants like road tar and flaking paint. The vinyl is then applied to the vehicle in sections and a heat gun used to conform it to the contours of the surface. Once applied, it is trimmed and smoothed for a finished look.

Wraps are not only great for cars and trucks, but they can be used for food trucks, vans, panel trucks, boats, buses, and even airplanes. Fresno signs and graphics shop has the capabilities to wrap any vehicle and can help you create a look that is consistent across your entire fleet for maximum visibility and branding.

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