Adding Promotional Graphics to Shirts With Screen Printing

If you’re looking to add promotional graphics to shirts, screen printing is a great option. There are a few things to keep in mind before you begin the screen printing process. If you’re using custom screen printing, be sure to check that all design elements are included and that all colors are accurate. A proof of your order will be used by the artists when creating your shirt design. This is also an excellent opportunity to tweak the colors and make changes if necessary.

First, you’ll need a graphic. This graphic will need to be the right size. The screen will depend on the design’s size and color. Each design requires a different screen for each color of ink. For example, a pizza-themed shirt would need two screens. Once you have a graphic for your shirt, you can begin screen printing. Choosing the right color depends on the colors you’d like to print and the size of the shirt.

Another important thing to consider is the human eye. The eye can only process a certain amount of information at one time. Because of this, T-shirt designs are usually a moving target. Adding too many graphics can create an unorganized mess. Make sure you choose one image for the front of your shirt and remove any extraneous elements. Your shirt will be the focus of all attention, so remember to select a single image that will make a statement.

If you choose to go with screen printing, be sure to check the requirements of the printer. Screen printing is better for colors because of its thicker ink. Screen-printed designs will last much longer than digitally printed ones. The only major drawback of digital printing is that it cannot print dark colored t-shirts. You’ll have to opt for screen printing if your shirts are dark in color.

Using a screen-printing company can help you achieve your marketing goals by integrating a marketing strategy that includes a promotional graphic. These designs will attract potential customers and make your business stand out. Screen-printing services have many advantages, including being able to offer fast turnaround times. And, because these services are convenient and affordable, you’ll be able to work with more designers and save more money.

If you’re unsure about whether screen-printing is the best choice for you, try placing some artwork on a t-shirt mockup. Then, submit the artwork to Placeit and they’ll do the rest. After all, it’s just as easy as a quick Starbucks coffee. It can be as cheap as a few bucks for a custom promotional screen-printed shirt.

Digital print heat transfer is a good alternative for t-shirt printing. The process is similar to using a home printer, where a full graphic image is designed on a computer and printed on high-quality paper. Then, a special solvent ink is applied to the promo item and pressed into place. Unlike screen-printing, this method doesn’t create a mess, and requires very little maintenance. The most common heat transfer variation is Dye-Sublimation Printing, which transfers dye to a t-shirt. Tacoma Printing the best custom printing company in Tacoma Washington can offer many different t-shirt styles to suit the needs of their clients.

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